Happy Holidays!

This Christmas marks almost six months of Javacology and we are overwhelmed with a feeling of a complete surreal happiness. It’s hard to put into words exactly how greatful we all are for the enormous support and continued welcome into your community.

To bring joy to this amazing community is all we wish to continue to do with not only our hand-crafted drinks but also our outreach and events. So far, in just the month of December, we’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to get involved in our local Chamber of a Commerce, become a recognized member of the National Coffee Associaltion, get nominated for numerous awards and also win our very first award of New Business of the Year, organize and collect food, raise money and volunteer for the Salvation Army, collect toys for Toys for a Tots, and so many more incredible experiences. We’re extatic to think to the future of our community envolvment and all the ways we can help the further evolving of the Houghton Lake area! 


As always, we’re constantly planning new events and family-fun nights so keep a close eye on all of our social outreach platforms for updates as well as announcements for the future of Javacology!



Cameron DuponComment