Tip-Up-Town 2019

Tip-Up-Town has come and gone and we find ourselves reminiscing on all the fun that we had over the course of the two weekends. From the warmth of the hospitality tent that was full of fun and games, to the rows of food trucks with long lines of bustling, hungry tourists, you could almost forget about the near negative temperatures. With all of these incredible activities to witness and be apart of, there was one thing we were most excited about; the opportunity we had to be a major part of the event by supplying our coffee for the full extent of the celebration! It was so refreshing to not only be apart of something so big for this small but mighty community, but also sit back and observe all of the small businesses from around the lake come together and support each other with the common goal of pushing Tip-Up-Town to the success that is was.

On top of the ability to supply our coffee for the event, we had more than enough fun building, painting, and decorating our own float for the official Tip-Up-Town parade! Between our baristas and our incredible Javacology volunteers, we spent the parade dressed up in costumes, walking (running), and handing out piping hot coffee to all of the parade viewers and visitors that were braving the cold weather along the way. After the most fun two hours of our weekend, our float was chosen by the Tip-Up-Town Queen herself as her favorite out of all of the amazingly decorated participants.

It seems as though its just one amazing opportunity after another for us Javacologists and were loving every second of it. On to the next adventure!