New Things Are Happening!

Holy exciting news, Batman! Have you heard that the Javacology Lab is expanding?

That's right, fellow Javacologists; your ears do not deceive you. Over the past couple of months, we here at the Lab have been busy bee’s as we’ve been working diligently on our second location! I wont lie to you, we can barely keep our excitement to ourselves which has made keeping this a secret until now, so difficult but here we are!

Ok, so I’m guessing you want the “deet’s”, right? Allow me to fill you in.

Over the course of the past two months, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with RandJ’s Best Choice Marketplace on the west end of Houghton Lake to bring you “west ender’s” an even easier way to get your caffeine fix without the worry of traveling all the way to the other end of town! Many of the specific details are still classified at this time but we can tell you that you’ll have access to the large majority of our main menu that you’re so used to when stopping into our main location in town with all of the same options to pick and choose from. For example, all you iced and blended latte lovers will be able to order drink the same way that you’ve been used to!

Opening early enough to see the sun rise and closing late enough to watch is set!

With the summer and warmer weather comes brighter moods as well as an ever intensifying craving of those caffeinated beverages, am I right? To better serve all of you lovely people out there, were making a pretty cool change to the Lab. You know what that means, right? Hour change!

Starting March 1st, our open hours are officially changing to 7am until 7pm!

How much tea is too much tea? Trick question; you can never have too much tea!

Our stock of tea has grown quite a bit in the past couple of months. So much so that we are now taking bulk tea orders to go!

Do you have a favorite out of the near 100 different organic tea flavors to choose from? Would you like to snag an order of 15 bags to enjoy in the comfort of your own home any time you want? We know and we’ve got you. Beginning the first of March, were expanding our tea menu to include those oh-so-important tea orders that are available for businesses and for customers! You're welcome.

Well, that's all she wrote for this month’s updates and news! As always, keep exploring, keep learning, keep experiencing. From the whole Javacrew, until next time!

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