This is Javacology

  What the heck is “Javacology”? Allow me to show you. Yes, it is the name of the most eccentric and unforgettable coffee shop in the Roscommon County area; but it’s also so much more than that. Javacology is the study, observation, and continual practice of coffee. If I were to tell you that all we do here is “just sell coffee”, I’d be lying as we’re not only always looking to make friends out of customers but we’re ALWAYS learning and teaching. The science of coffee is one that will never truly ever be fully understood and is one that will always leave you room to learn. I mean, what could be better than that?


  At Javacology, we use this simple fact as a driving force to always push ourselves and the possibilities of our passion to new heights and make it a priority to get customers involved in that amazing process because the only thing that’s better than learning new things every day, is sharing that with friends.


  We try to be as forward thinking as possible and this has lead us to so many cool possibilities within our community in the short 4 months that we’ve been here. We host at least 3 family-friendly events every month so as to reach out to even more people and bring the joy of coffee. 


  Stay tuned for constant event updates, business updates and blog posts to find out what we’ve learned recently. 


Much love; 


Cameron DuponComment