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The study, observation and practice of coffee.
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What is Javacology?

Javacology is the study, observation, and practice of coffee. Our mission is to provide, not only the best cup of coffee to our family of customers, but to also educate them about what is in their cup and how we go about making our products the best they can be. Not only can you come in and get a delicious cup of coffee, latte, matcha, ect, but you are always met with excellent customer care and Javacologist’s that are eager to please you.



Javacology is a specialty coffee shop located in Prudenville, MI. A destination where you can come and get the best cup of coffee around and enjoy the Northern Michigan weather while relaxing in our spacious sitting room walled with glass to allow you to enjoy that natural light to its fullest. Drinks, pastries and customer service of the highest quality is our number one priority by our team!

Voted Northern Michigan’s Best Coffee 1-31-2019

Voted Northern Michigan’s Best Coffee 1-31-2019



Here at Javacology, we offer only the best quality ingredients. Through our Michigan-local partnership’s such as Creation Coffee, and Three Fires Market and Bakery, our products are guaranteed to be among the healthiest and freshest you can get in the area. To start, our coffee roaster, Creation Coffee has naturally roasted beans that are delivered to us hot and fresh every week. All of our baked goods and tea’s come to us from Three Fires Market and Bakery in Roscommon, MI. All of our tea’s are organic and hand bagged and our baked and delivered to us fresh every week.


Looking to rep your favorite coffee shop with either merchandise or your favorite Javacology roast? Check out “Shop Javaco” to find everything you’re looking for.

Visit us at either of our two locations

1371 West Houghton Lake Drive
Prudenville, MI, 48651
United States



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Javaco West


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